BioJet 15 HP Aerator Low Cost of Operation More DO & Recirculation High Velocity and Horizontal Plume 120' Optimal efficency BioJet and BioReactor© increasing recirculation

The BioJet unit adds process capacity to existing treatment in lagoons, ponds tanks, outperforming less efficient equipment currently in place.

  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Efficient Mixing
  • Fine Bubble Diffusion
  • Energy Efficient
  • Increased Circulation
  • BioJet Aerator System

    BioJetâ„¢ Aerator System Technical Features:
    Standard units with 3,5,7.5,10, and 15 HP
    Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
    High Velocity 15 HP - 460 GPM
    Submerged in second hydraulic layer 6' down

    The BioJet is mounted on a 10x10 floating unit
    Weight: 2500 pounds
    Electrical: 3 phase 480 volt 30 Amp
    Operation speed for 15 HP: 17 fps at 65 psi

    Standard Instrumentation:
    pH, Flow, DO, Temp, TSS

    Application Specific Instrumentation available:

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    BioReactors©: Floating, Shallow-water, Land-based or Sumerged.
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